Sustainability management at DW | Homepage of DW's corporate website. | DW | 27.02.2024
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About DW

Sustainability management at DW

DW makes a proactive contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. DW has outlined its progress towards targets in its climate action strategy and sustainability report.

DW Sustainability Report 2022

DW's Sustainability Report 2022 is now available for download in German and English

Much achieved since 2019: climate protection target tightened

Business travel kilometres have been reduced by 70% and domestic flights by as much as 91% (DW had set itself a target of 80%). Over the same period, the proportion of business travel by train, which is more climate-friendly, has doubled. Energy consumption has also been significantly reduced. Paper consumption was more than halved. Overall, DW has achieved a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the base year 2019. In view of this development, DW has tightened its reduction target for 2030 and aims to permanently halve its emissions by then. The international broadcaster has made a conscious decision not to offset its emissions with CO2 certificates, preferring instead to invest directly in reduction measures. 

The coronavirus pandemic has sped things up. When business travel was limited, it accelerated the pace of digitalisation. Thanks to the reorganisation of the teams, travel was reduced even after the pandemic. DW has also implemented a number of measures to reduce emissions: LED lighting in all Berlin studios, efficient air conditioning in the data centre, charging stations for e-bikes, motion detectors in toilets, hot water shut-offs, heating temperature limits, standby settings for work computers and monitors, optimised waste separation and new business travel rules and procurement processes. 

Recognised for diversity and equal opportunities 

The proportion of female employees is 51% overall and has risen to 55% in top management. There is now a parent-child office at both sites. In a new inclusion agreement, DW has committed to employing 8% people with disabilities (instead of the legal minimum of 5%). DW was honoured with the Berlin Inclusion Award for its inclusive training and also received the Pride Champion in silver in 2021 and in gold in 2023 as a particularly queer-friendly company. 


Sustainability management structures established 

DW set the course for sustainability within the broadcaster itself at an early stage. "Sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity," emphasises Barbara Massing, Managing Director Business Administration, "At DW, we set the course early on. We are committed to ecological, economic and social aspects for reasons of credibility, but also to position DW for the future". A separate sustainability management department has now established sustainability management strategically and anchored it in the company's objectives. The various subtopics, such as energy management, mobility, green production, green IT, event management, diversity and inclusion, are spread across several competent experts. Regular exchanges with the ARD Group's regional broadcasters also enable synergies. 

Zitattafel Barbara Massing | Sustainability Report

Sustainable corporate culture 

At DW, we integrate sustainable values and behaviour into our daily work. Through internal communication campaigns, idea management and competitions, DW encourages its employees to get involved. This video shows in a playful way how greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided through new routines in everyday life. 

Sustainability in everyday life

Sustainability is part of our core business

In times of terror, propaganda, flight and migration, DW's fact-based reporting strengthens freedom of expression and democracy worldwide. It also supports the human right to freedom of expression and unhindered access to information through journalistic training and the development of local infrastructure. Sustainability is also one of DW's profile topics. Here you will find links to some of our most successful environmental and social programmes: Global 3000, Eco Africa, Eco India, the YouTube channel Planet A, Unseen, the podcast On the Green Fence and HER Women in Asia. In 2018, DW was one of the first media organisations to sign the United Nations SDG Media Compact, which aims to advance the Sustainable Development Goals by sharing facts, human stories and solutions. 

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