Fellowship 2023 | DW Global Media Forum | DW | 13.04.2023
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Fellowship 2023

Learn about our fellowship program

Global Media Forum 2022 | Fellows-Day

Participants of the Fellowship Program 2022 infront of DW in Bonn

We are now gearing up our preparations for the next DW Global Media Forum Fellowship Program 2023. We hope to invite most of our selected participants by the Federal Foreign Office to the World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany once again.

In addition to attending the two-day conference, the fellowship program will include access to a half-day capacity building event which will be held on June 18, 2023 at DW’s headquarters in Bonn. On this day, fellows will be offered various workshops and training opportunities on media topics which are yet to be finalized.

Global Media Forum 2022 | Fellows-Day

Seminars and workshops are specially designed for fellows and provide them with insights into topics and trends that shape media landscapes

The fellowship program 2023 offers:

  • Travel and accommodation to attend the Global Media Forum 2023
  • Full conference pass
  • Access to a half-day capacity building event aimed specifically at the fellows
  • Participation in fellow-only networking events
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fees

Welcoming fellows since 2012

Since 2012, the DW Global Media Forum has been taking charge in organizing this annual fellowship program, welcoming up to 200 people each year from developing and transition countries with the help of a special grant from the Federal Foreign Office of the German government.

Based on the country priority list of the Federal Foreign Office, the program addresses media professionals as well as civil society actors, scientists, NGO representatives, social entrepreneurs and cultural workers, and is also aimed at attracting innovators and multipliers from the media.

In the spirit of successful public diplomacy, the program serves as a means to communicate the values and social attitudes of Germany.

Global Media Forum 2022 | Fellows-Day

The Global Media Forum offers many networking opportunities for fellows with media professionals from more than 120 countries

In addition to promoting the country, the fellowship program also raises awareness about Germany's commitment to finding global solutions to global problems. The DW Global Media Forum itself also benefits greatly from these highly motivated and committed actors who enrich the event especially in regard to contributing to the international dialogue with their knowledge and expertise from their home countries.

We regard the fellowship program as a unique opportunity to exchange ideas between countries, nationalities and generations.

Reflections from 2022 Fellowship Program

The year 2022 was a welcome relief to many of our fellows after two years of extraordinary challenges due to various travel restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. There were 67 fellows from 36 countries, selected and chosen by the German embassies.

Global Media Forum 2022 | Fellows-Day

DW Guido Baumhauer, Managing Director Distribution, Marketing and Technology, with fellows

It was an opportunity to network with renowned journalists and experts in their respective fields. The fellows also encountered different perspectives on how to navigate this new and constantly changing world of the digital age.

Prior to the conference, the DW Global Media Forum fellows enjoyed an exclusive program which included six workshops held by seasoned and distinguished media professionals. Some of the workshops contained best practices examples, lively discussions on topics like storytelling, media in post pandemic times, religion and media, and disinformation. The fellows were welcomed by DW’s Deputy Director General, and head of Marketing and Distribution, Mr Guido Baumhauer as well as by Ms Irene Plank from the German Federal Foreign Office.

What was our fellows’ take on the year 2022

Aditta Kittikhoun, Senior Partner, RDK Group, Laos
I am exceptionally privileged to have had the chance to participate in the DW Global Media Forum 2022 in Bonn. As a media practitioner from Laos, it was highly beneficial for my professional and personal growth. I was granted access to a pool of leading professionals in both traditional and new media, and also gained a fresh and updated perspective on the state of affairs of the world's changing media landscape. It has become evident that this reunion has taught us to strengthen our resolve in the quest for truth, no matter the cost. It is incumbent upon all of us that media from all countries should not only learn from each other but support one another in keeping the powerful accountable. I was given the opportunity to share my own insights with many of the program fellows about the case of Laos and other developing countries that were late to the digital media game, and how the rise of the fifth estate (citizen journalists, social media users) prompted both daunting challenges and fortuitous advantages for the existing fourth estate. I hope to be invited back next year for this amazing forum.

Aigerim Konurbaeva, Journalist, Kyrgyzstan
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a large-scale event as the DW Global Media Forum.
During the whole forum, I managed to get acquainted with colleagues - journalists from different parts of the world - Turkey, Gambia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Botswana, Palestine and so on. We discussed our work, highlighted with each other who writes on what topics, shared experiences and ideas. During the workshops, we talked about who worked how during the pandemic and quarantine. We shared different stories and cases from life. And here I noticed a very interesting point: my colleagues from different countries and I faced practically the same difficulties. It was also interesting to listen to the presentations and discussions during the plenary sessions. I think that the topics that affect many modern challenges in the journalistic world were chosen very thoughtfully. My participation in the DW Global Media Forum 2022 was an invaluable experience. Not everyone has the opportunity to learn and hear so many new and interesting things. I am glad to be a part of this large-scale event. I hope I will be able to visit the DW Global Media Forum again next year. With great gratitude and respect to the organizers.

Contributed by Priya Mohan.

Editor: Jovana Kastratovic